The River is Wild

My name is Bodhi. I’m a black lab. That’s what the papers say, but if you ask me, I am a mighty viking, taking on the wilds of the Routt County rivers. I fight against rocks and sticks, frightening fish and laying claim to all that is mine. I am a great warrior. Why couldn’t the vet have put that on my papers?


I am cautious. Man has a way of sneaking up on me, and next thing I know, I referred to a “venison” rather than Bambi. On this occasion, I heard a noise, hesitantly poked my head up, and obliged the photographer a shot. He appeared as startled as I, so my common sense gave me a shot of bravery, we both parted, the photographer happy for a pose,
and me even more pleased that I was not on a dinner plate.

Just a wee one

Being a wee sprig of a thing, I often am forgotten in the back seat. So, when my masters came upon an enormous event such as tall, leggy giants, complete with mane & tail, I was instantly excited and powered up, as most little dogs do. Up to the front seat I made my way, until I found myself in my master’s lap. The scent was overpowering, the window down, the breeze coming in from all directions…I was in dog heaven. Horses, horses, everywhere! Ah, to be a participant in a wild horse cavalry. It was grand, sublime, and I’m content to be in the back seat again, safe from the giants!

Pose?  Are you serious?

For a carrot, apple, oats or grain, I might entertain the thought of a pose or 2. I’m Ben, and I’ve got things to do. The pasture needs grooming, my animal companions await me to hold daily court. The life of horses…man will never understand. We oblige them for the sake of entertainment, but nothing more. Our independence and gallant nature comes from a spirit far off, up near the heavens. You ask for a pose – this is what I give.